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 New Engine for The Zelda Game

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Drakir Karakoff
Drakir Karakoff

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New Engine for The Zelda Game Empty
PostSubject: New Engine for The Zelda Game   New Engine for The Zelda Game I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2008 9:22 am

We are going to change the engine on which we will develop the Zelda game on.
The reasons are:
- RPG Maker 2003 doesn't like me when it comes to importing character graphics.
- Although the special template was decent, it had some bugs (some fixable and some unfixable)
- There are too many limits when using RPG Maker 2003
- The movement of the game objects are not smooth enough for a Zelda game

The first reason was the main reason that made us decide to do this.

Good news:
We know what engine we are going to use. It is called Action Game Maker, which looks really great. With that program we will also be able to release the Zelda game as a Flash Game and also as a game for Xbox 360.

Bad News:
Action Game Maker is scheduled to be released in Japan in December this year, that will mean that the project will be suspended until then.

But this doesn't mean that there will be no games on this site.

I have promised to release DEMO-versions of two games before Christmas, so expect to see something here soon...
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New Engine for The Zelda Game
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